Alestorm talk bandana’s on cats and longevity ahead of Piratefest!

Alestorm – you guys have been at this a while now – when you’re writing do you feel restricted with what you can deliver considering your genre?

Absolutely not. We have enough material in our ridiculous brains to be able to write exactly 72.3 more albums. Have you ever heard a song about a future war between pirates and Mormons? I thought not…

Your last album Sunset on a Golden Age – is the title a hint at a swansong? Or is a new album already in the pipeline?

It’s actually worrying how many people think that. If I thought for a second that people would misinterpret the title so much then we probably would have gone with something completely different. But no, we’re not smart enough for cryptic messages. There’s a lot more albums after this!

How much Pirate study do you do – any Masters Degrees in Pirate history aboard?

None really. Wikipedia is great for some stuff, the rest is made up! Anyone doing a Masters degree in pirate history has no friends.

Bandana’s are an accepted part of the pirate wardrobe and plenty or rock/metal guys don them too – who wears theirs better – Vinnie Paul or Brett Michaels?

I love it when people put bandanas on their cats and dogs. Cracks me up every time.

Any truth to the rumour that your planning a concept album based on William Wallace’s little known naval division?

It must be little known, and we don’t even know of it. So it’s extremely unlikely. I preferred it back in the olden days when people spread rumours about band members eating live animals on stage or sleeping with thousands of women. What’s happened?

Pirates of the Caribbean movies – pish or on the money? What is the best pirate movie? 

Ah they aren’t bad. One of them was ludicrously boring though, possibly 2 or 3? Best pirate movie is Star Wars.

How many “Ales” constitute a storm?


Finally a quick fire five question I ask every interviewee.

1 – 1st record you heard that made you go “fuck I wanna do that!”

Was actually Acker Bilk’s Stranger on the Shore.. I’m not even kidding, I rocked the clarinet when I was younger.

2 – What’s your poison?

I go through phases. I like all booze really.. Currently drinking a bottle of Kasteel Rouge. It’s yummy.

3 – Worst/most disgusting habit of someone you’ve toured with?

Some think it’s a good idea to not wash for weeks on end, and some like to pump their way through 4 girls in one night. But I’m not mentioning any names.

4 – Strange fan request/fan interaction?

We recently got a serious email from a ‘professional mermaid’ asking if we wanted to do a photoshoot with her, complete with a photo of herself in complete mermaid mode paddling around in the Firth of Forth.

5 – If a kid asked you what metal was and you could only give him/her one record what would it be and why?

Probably ‘WASP – The Crimson Idol’ depends if he/she was a prick or not.


Scottish pirate metallers Alestorm are sailing back to these shores to deliver a bevvy of deranged sea shanties along with their Australian counterparts Lagerstein. The two groups will be plundering Wellington and Auckland for two dates in late November in an epic team-up dubbed Piratefest.
Piratefest with Alestorm and Lagerstein

Friday 20th November, Valhalla, Wellington
Saturday 21st November, Whammy Bar, Auckland


Tickets available from Under The Radar



Jack Hammer from 8 Foot Sativa

croppedimage290200-apr2014metaland8footsativaThe first metal album you heard was …

‘No Prayer For The Dying’ by Iron Maiden. A good friend of mine gave this to me at school, it was the day school became pointless and music became everything.

What’s your poison?

Little bit of everything.

What’s your weirdest fan experience?

I got sent homemade biscuits and a teddy bear that said I love you.

What’s the most disgusting habit of anyone in the band?

Nose picking – I’ve heard it replenishes the brain.

What one album defines Metal for you?

Cowboys from Hell by Pantera. Hearing this, all I could think was ‘holy FUCK!’ To this day it’s 10/10 on my list. It just defines brutal. Pantera become my all-time favourite band and drove me harder into my music, Opening for them was a dream come true. Still the highlight of my life.

Jimmy Bower from Down

Jimmy Bower1. First album you heard that made you fall in love with heavy metal.

Kiss Alive 2 man, a friend from down the road bought it and after we heard it we went back and got Destroyer and Love Gun and we used to hold concerts with light sabres and shit. I’m not kidding dude, Kiss were awesome.

2. What’s your poison these days?

Michelob Ultra man – girl beer, 98 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs 4.2 percent alcohol – not bad man. Haha I’m readin’ the bottle: 12 fluid ounces.

3. Weirdest fan encounter or request?

I dunno man – so many. You stumped me on that one.

4. Grossest touring habit of anyone you’ve toured with?

Masturbation, man, and that’s a fact.

5. If a kid asks you what’s heavy metal which album do you hand them?

Martin Scorsese’s recordings of Son House. Dude, listen to that shit for real.

Max Cavalera

maxcav1. First album you heard that made you fall in love with heavy metal?

It was Queen – Live Killers. My cousin bought it for me after I saw Queen in Brazil.

2. What’s your poison these days?

Rum and coke – anything with hard liquor.

3. Grossest touring habit of anyone you’ve toured with?

Igor, my brother. When we were in Sepultura he would hang the socks and gloves he played in up in the bus and brown liquid would drip out of them – it made me sick – disgusting man.

4. Weirdest fan encounter or request?

One guy asked me to sign his baby’s forehead. It was a quiet nice baby, maybe six months old wrapped in a blanket, the guy gave me a Sharpie and was like “sign my baby’s forehead”, it was weird but I did it.

5. If a kid asks you “what’s heavy metal?” which album do you hand them?

Ace of Spades, give them a good dose of Motorhead metal.

Vinnie Paul – Hellyeah

hell yeah pics 071

1 – First album you heard that made you fall in love with heavy metal?

The first one I heard and fell in love with, put my hands on and actually bought was Kiss Alive – it did it for me and still to this day I think it’s one of the greatest records ever made

2- What’s your poison these days?

Number 1 go to drink now is Sky vodka, water and 2 limes and I like it tall man, does the trick and I never have a hangover. It was invented by an American doctor who was tired of having hangovers, it’s the first vodka ever filtered four times, I never have a hangover – I love it.

3 – Weirdest fan experience?

A guy come up to me and said hey man can you sign my leg and I was like yeah no problem. so he goes to pull his pants up and then he takes his leg off and hands it to me. It was prosthetic leg and it scared me to death and had the Far Beyond Driven album cover spray painted on it and it smelled absolutely awful and i signed my name and he grabbed it put it back on and took off running down the street

4 – The most disgusting habit of someone you’ve toured with?

Ah most of my guys are pretty clean, pretty good cats. You know back in the day when i’d be out on the  road on Ozzfest with Zakk when he wouldn’t bath for you know a month or two at a time it’d be kinda disgusting hanging out with him sometimes

5 – A kid asks you what Heavy Metal is – what album do you hand over?

Oh man that’s really hard but I guess I’m gonna give the kid Master of Puppets man, I mean that is heavy metal, that’s a band that’s important to everybody’s life that listens to heavy metal and they did it for me that’s for sure.

Hellyeah’s new album Blood For Blood is out now