Deftones – Ohms review

Deftones have out done themselves.

While White Pony has long been held up as the pinnacle of their career (rightly so, it’s killer), they’ve produced a lot of material that has come close but hasn’t had the same impact as the left turn they took in the year 2000.

OHMS has achieved that rarest of feats, to paraphrase the man who climbed Everest for the first time they have knocked the bastard off.

It’s beautifully heavy, intense and dynamic, a guitar driven behemoth that takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride veering left when you expect a right, plunging new depths just as you’ve been lifted to new heights and then there’s the seagulls.

Opening track Genesis feels like you are drowning in molasses and Chino’s vocal is the buoy that is keeping your head above the waterline.

Ceremony has a real Perry Farrell feel in the melody and some of the vocal phrasing. It’s the calm after and before the storm as Urantia hits you with a machine gun guitar start that echoes some twisted Maiden-esque monster and then drops out to a plaintive vocal that’s a real surprise, the song builds beautifully.

Error’s squealing feedback introduction is yet another shift and another mood that soon has Chino’s vocal soaring at its best while Abe’s syncopated playing drives the song on.

The bassline to start The Spell of Mathematics cuts right through you – what a start to a song. There are finger clicks/hand claps, surges in and out like a tide that lets you get comfortable.

The clean guitar intro and relaxed vocal of Pompeji goad the listener into a false sense of what is to come and then bam – a wave of Tool like ferociousness that will have you flicking through the album booklet to check if Maynard James Keenan was present during this session. The song is a rarity for the band in that it feels like it’s really telling a story and the ambient keyboard accompanied by the seagulls bring a feeling of relative peace to end the song.

As Pompeji had echoes of Tool, This Link Is Dead feels like a real anthem, a frustrated punk energy and rebellious rant that evokes Zack De La Rocha and RATM. The songs energy drives throughout but the expected full on fury never gets fully unleashed. I was equally disappointed it did not happen and impressed the band choose restraint from doing the expected.

An out of step riff peppers Radiant City and it is rapidly hooked into your head, instantly memorable. Clean to distorted vocal switches throughout add to the intensity that never lets up on one of the shortest tracks on the album.

Headless is more Deftones goodness, if there is a song that represents the essence of the band distilled in one place it is here, could easily have been on White Pony.

Finally, the title tracks with THAT guitar riff – truly epic. Ohms is relentlessly heavy and winds its way around you like a boa constrictor, all encompassing and crushingly beautiful. What a way to finish a record that is certainly the high tide mark of Deftones output.


Former Murderdoll finds new home

Former Murderdoll finds new home

WEDNESDAY 13 has signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment and is set to release his eighth solo studio album, titled »Condolences«, on June 2nd.

The horror punk kingpin and former-MURDERDOLLS frontman is thrilled to be joining his new record label home, telling us, “We’re so excited to finally announce that we have signed with Nuclear Blast Entertainment!  It’s an honor for us to be on the roster among so many other great bands and friends. Thanks to Nuclear Blast for giving us the opportunity and our fans for your undying support.  We’re looking forward to many more years of this with all of you.”

Airbourne are back!

“Breakin’ Outta Hell” will be the band’s 4th studio album and the first with new record company Spinefarm.

The 11-track album has been produced by Bob Marlette, who helmed the very first Airbourne outing, and engineered / mixed by Mike Fraser, whose CV includes some of the biggest names in rock such as Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Metallica and AC/DC.

Here’s the video for the brand new single ‘Rivalry’.



Soilwork’s Death Resonance



Visionary Swedish metallers SOILWORK have announced to release a special collection of rarities under the moniker “Death Resonance” on August 19, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

Commented the band: “Attention SOILWORK fans! Although The Tour Majestic is far from over, we’ve put together a very special release for you all. »Death Resonance« compiles fifteen rare and unreleased tracks ranging all the way back to Stabbing The Drama. Many of these tracks were previously only available in Asia. Two songs are brand new and five others have been remixed for your listening pleasure.’’


Even though SOILWORK are still heavily supporting their most recent masterpiece, “The Ride Majestic”, the sextet compiled a must have for every fan out there.

Death Resonance” is nothing like your average best-of output, it delivers two brand new tracks as well as rarely released songs of the past 11 years, going back until their opus magnum, “Stabbing The Drama”.

Commented singer Björn “Speed” Strid: “The cover for »Death Resonance« is made by Mircea Eftemie and in many ways he managed to capture what we went through while recording “The Ride Majestic”: the sorrow, the close encounter with death, the aftermath and also the existential cogitation that came with it. It links those albums together, even though »Death Resonance« contains unreleased material from 2005 and forward. The cover almost seems like a link between life and death and not only captures where the band is right now, but also where we’ve been and what lies ahead.”


1 – Helsinki
2 – Death Resonance
3 – The End Begins Below The Surface
4 – My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool
5 – These Absent Eyes
6 – Resisting The Current
7 – When Sound Collides
8 – Forever Lost In Vain
9 – Sweet Demise
10 – Sadistic Lullabye
11 – Overclocked
12 – Martyr
13 – Sovereign
14 – Wherever Thorns May Grow
15 – Killed By Ignition


Hit maker Manson plays hitman in new movie



The man who named himself and his band mates after famous killers gets to play one in a new movie due out next month.

Marilyn Manson is featured in a new trailer for the upcoming film Let Me Make You A Martyr.

The project sees Manson as a Native American hitman hired by an abusive father, drug dealer and pimp named Larry Glass – played by Mark Boone Junior – to kill his rebellious adopted son Drew, played by Niko Nicotera.

The film also stars Michael Potts, Slaine, William Lee Scott, and Michael Shamus Wiles.

Directed by Corey Asraf and John Swab, the shock-rocker told Rolling Stone he had to immerse himself in the role. He said: “I am part Indian. I just had to observe the level of poverty and, I guess, white trash element to the story.

“The house where my character lives, sort of on a swamp on a reservation, looked like a combination between Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Apocalypse Now. It was pretty epic. Just seeing that, I knew where to go.”

Let Me Make You A Martyr will premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal on July 22.

In Flames the latest band to sign with Nuclear Blast

In Flames

Nuclear Blast proudly announce the signing of Swedish metal icons IN FLAMES for the world ex-North America and Scandinavia. Formed in 1990, the band are considered one of the forefathers of melodic death metal and the purveyors of the “Gothenburg sound”. With eleven studio albums released, countless successful tours around the globe, millions of records sold and a massive fanbase worldwide, IN FLAMES have proven to be an unstoppable force in heavy music. From their 1994 debut »Lunar Strain« to the most recent »Siren Charms« (2014), the band’s intricate twin guitar attack, melodic vocals and superb arrangements have given them a signature sound that has evolved throughout the years.

“In a way, IN FLAMES and Nuclear Blast share a similar story,” said IN FLAMES vocalist Anders Fridén. “Both started in a garage in Europe, both love metal and both have grown a lot bigger over the years. For these reasons, it seemed a natural fit to come back to the place it all started.”

“We’re enormously happy that IN FLAMES decided to return and trust in us for the second time – Nuclear Blast is their home again from now on. I remember well how their debut album, »Lunar Strain«, inspired me back in the days. I was totally fascinated by their great and absolutely unique blend of death metal with delicate melodies,” commented Nuclear Blast CEO Markus Staiger. One year later, IN FLAMES signed with us and released eight splendid records over the years, including groundbreaking classics such as »Whoracle«, »Clayman«, and »Reroute To Remain«. IN FLAMES developed all the time, reinvented themselves again and again and enthused fans of various genres with their always innovative sound. We’re looking forward to the common future with Anders, Björn, Peter, and Niclas.”

Currently, the band are working on the release of a new live DVD. Stay tuned for more details!

Anders Fridén | vocals
Björn Gelotte | guitars
Peter Iwers | bass
Niclas Engelin | guitars


Anthrax “For All Kings” could be their last album


Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante says For All Kings could have been their final album: “I’d rather go out on a high”

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has said there’s a chance For All Kings could be the band’s final album.

That’s because he’s not sure they can top the success of their 11th title, coupled with the acclaim of previous release Worship Music.

But he’s not thinking about splitting the thrash icons any time soon.

Benante tells EonMusic: “I don’t even know if there will be another record. This may be our last record – I’d rather go out on a high.”

He adds: “Certain sports teams will have the greatest tam one year, then come back next year and a lot of those players are missing.

“I’m not saying any of us will be missing, but Maybe I think that inspiration may not be there. So let’s enjoy it.”

But the co-founder and co-lead songwriter emphasises: “I didn’t say we’d wrap it up. I just said it may be our last record. That’s how I feel.”

For All Kings is Anthrax’s second album since the return of classic-era vocalist Joey Belladonna in 2010.