Sepultura – Arise

Sepultra - Arise

Given Sepultura are hitting the Studio October 1st I thought it’d be a good idea to revisit one of the key albums that made them so vital to metal.

From the outset this record was different – 28 seconds of mechanical breathing struggling for air, it set the scene for the post-apocalyptic soundscape your ears were about to be assaulted with.

The wall of guitars backed by stark tribal beats provided a platform for the kind of political commentary metal bands tended to avoid. It wasn’t just anger at the world but a dissection of what was wrong and it was delivered brutally and beautifully in bursts of bile that made you take notice.

‘Dead Embroyonic Cells’, ‘Altered State’, ‘Desperate Cry’ and the title track were instant staples of any young band worth their salt and with lines like “Land of anger, I didn’t ask to born” it didn’t take long for the metal masses to take up the cry and embrace the boys from Brazil.