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Brutal Brazilian death metal veterans sign with Seasons of Mist

Grave DesecratorSeason of Mist are proud to announce the signing of GRAVE DESECRATOR! The Brazilian warmongers’ new album will hit the stores later this year.
GRAVE DESECRATOR comment: “A pact has been sealed, and we are very proud of it! Season of Mist will be in charge to spread our waves of sonic desecration, striking down the earth in witching hour!”, writes bassist E. Necrogoat.
Founded in 1998 in Rio de Janeiro, GRAVE DESECRATOR have established a reputation as one of the most savage and brutal South American metal bands through the release of two full-length albums and several well-received splits (including much sought-after splits with ARCHGOAT and BLACK WITCHERY). Adhering to the extreme ways of their Brazilian predecessors, GRAVE DESECRATOR are true torch bearers of the underground and firmly place themselves among the ranks of entities such as SARCOFAGO, early SEPULTURA, and MUTILATOR.

Max Cavalera

maxcav1. First album you heard that made you fall in love with heavy metal?

It was Queen – Live Killers. My cousin bought it for me after I saw Queen in Brazil.

2. What’s your poison these days?

Rum and coke – anything with hard liquor.

3. Grossest touring habit of anyone you’ve toured with?

Igor, my brother. When we were in Sepultura he would hang the socks and gloves he played in up in the bus and brown liquid would drip out of them – it made me sick – disgusting man.

4. Weirdest fan encounter or request?

One guy asked me to sign his baby’s forehead. It was a quiet nice baby, maybe six months old wrapped in a blanket, the guy gave me a Sharpie and was like “sign my baby’s forehead”, it was weird but I did it.

5. If a kid asks you “what’s heavy metal?” which album do you hand them?

Ace of Spades, give them a good dose of Motorhead metal.