Jimmy Bower from Down

Jimmy Bower1. First album you heard that made you fall in love with heavy metal.

Kiss Alive 2 man, a friend from down the road bought it and after we heard it we went back and got Destroyer and Love Gun and we used to hold concerts with light sabres and shit. I’m not kidding dude, Kiss were awesome.

2. What’s your poison these days?

Michelob Ultra man – girl beer, 98 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs 4.2 percent alcohol – not bad man. Haha I’m readin’ the bottle: 12 fluid ounces.

3. Weirdest fan encounter or request?

I dunno man – so many. You stumped me on that one.

4. Grossest touring habit of anyone you’ve toured with?

Masturbation, man, and that’s a fact.

5. If a kid asks you what’s heavy metal which album do you hand them?

Martin Scorsese’s recordings of Son House. Dude, listen to that shit for real.