Jack Hammer from 8 Foot Sativa

croppedimage290200-apr2014metaland8footsativaThe first metal album you heard was …

‘No Prayer For The Dying’ by Iron Maiden. A good friend of mine gave this to me at school, it was the day school became pointless and music became everything.

What’s your poison?

Little bit of everything.

What’s your weirdest fan experience?

I got sent homemade biscuits and a teddy bear that said I love you.

What’s the most disgusting habit of anyone in the band?

Nose picking – I’ve heard it replenishes the brain.

What one album defines Metal for you?

Cowboys from Hell by Pantera. Hearing this, all I could think was ‘holy FUCK!’ To this day it’s 10/10 on my list. It just defines brutal. Pantera become my all-time favourite band and drove me harder into my music, Opening for them was a dream come true. Still the highlight of my life.