Hit maker Manson plays hitman in new movie



The man who named himself and his band mates after famous killers gets to play one in a new movie due out next month.

Marilyn Manson is featured in a new trailer for the upcoming film Let Me Make You A Martyr.

The project sees Manson as a Native American hitman hired by an abusive father, drug dealer and pimp named Larry Glass – played by Mark Boone Junior – to kill his rebellious adopted son Drew, played by Niko Nicotera.

The film also stars Michael Potts, Slaine, William Lee Scott, and Michael Shamus Wiles.

Directed by Corey Asraf and John Swab, the shock-rocker told Rolling Stone he had to immerse himself in the role. He said: “I am part Indian. I just had to observe the level of poverty and, I guess, white trash element to the story.

“The house where my character lives, sort of on a swamp on a reservation, looked like a combination between Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Apocalypse Now. It was pretty epic. Just seeing that, I knew where to go.”

Let Me Make You A Martyr will premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal on July 22.