Soilwork’s Death Resonance



Visionary Swedish metallers SOILWORK have announced to release a special collection of rarities under the moniker “Death Resonance” on August 19, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

Commented the band: “Attention SOILWORK fans! Although The Tour Majestic is far from over, we’ve put together a very special release for you all. »Death Resonance« compiles fifteen rare and unreleased tracks ranging all the way back to Stabbing The Drama. Many of these tracks were previously only available in Asia. Two songs are brand new and five others have been remixed for your listening pleasure.’’


Even though SOILWORK are still heavily supporting their most recent masterpiece, “The Ride Majestic”, the sextet compiled a must have for every fan out there.

Death Resonance” is nothing like your average best-of output, it delivers two brand new tracks as well as rarely released songs of the past 11 years, going back until their opus magnum, “Stabbing The Drama”.

Commented singer Björn “Speed” Strid: “The cover for »Death Resonance« is made by Mircea Eftemie and in many ways he managed to capture what we went through while recording “The Ride Majestic”: the sorrow, the close encounter with death, the aftermath and also the existential cogitation that came with it. It links those albums together, even though »Death Resonance« contains unreleased material from 2005 and forward. The cover almost seems like a link between life and death and not only captures where the band is right now, but also where we’ve been and what lies ahead.”


1 – Helsinki
2 – Death Resonance
3 – The End Begins Below The Surface
4 – My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool
5 – These Absent Eyes
6 – Resisting The Current
7 – When Sound Collides
8 – Forever Lost In Vain
9 – Sweet Demise
10 – Sadistic Lullabye
11 – Overclocked
12 – Martyr
13 – Sovereign
14 – Wherever Thorns May Grow
15 – Killed By Ignition


Opeth “Sorceress” on it’s way soon.


Swedish progressive legends, OPETH have signed a deal with Nuclear Blast and have a new album ready for release later this year. Always an unstoppable force for uniqueness amid a sea of generic swill, OPETH have been setting the rulebook ablaze, and ploughing a uniquely progressive and exploratory furrow for over 25 years now. Neither conforming nor exhibiting any desire to be restricted to a single genre, OPETH, quite simply, have a time honored tradition of blowing our minds with both class and forward thinking. All these years later, nothing and everything has changed once again with their forthcoming album »Sorceress«.

“We’re happy to confirm that we have indeed signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment and will be putting out our 12th studio album »Sorceress« via our own imprint, Moderbolaget Records,” states Mikael Åkerfeldt. “The decision was made in Markus Staiger’s (Nuclear Blast kingpin) ridiculously potent Porsche going at 150 mph somewhere in the south of Germany. We’re happy to be part of the NB team and look forward to a fruitful relationship.”

Nuclear Blast owner, Markus Staiger, continues:
“I am honored that OPETH have joined the Nuclear Blast family. Mikael Åkerfeldt and his fellow bandmates have demonstrated time and time again that OPETH are a band that never release an album that sounds the same. You never know what their new music will sound like! Nuclear Blast has been following the musical journey of OPETH from the beginning with »Orchid« to landmark albums like »Still Life«, »Deliverance«, »Damnation« and »Blackwater Park«, right up to 2014’s »Pale Communion«! The band have become one of the most challenging artists in rock music today. It is not often that we get to work with musicians of their caliber and I’m thrilled to have such a unique genre-leader on the label. The future for OPETH and Nuclear Blast looks very bright.”

Monte Conner, Nuclear Blast Entertainment president adds:
“OPETH are a band that have continually evolved and moved forward at every stage. Always innovating and always continuing to challenge themselves as players and writers. They are simply fearless. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next! It’s an amazing feeling to be reunited with one of my favorite bands and I look forward to my colleagues here at Nuclear Blast being able to have their own OPETH experience and role in the band’s continuing journey. I want to thank Mikael Åkerfeldt and OPETH for putting their faith and trust in everyone here at Nuclear Blast.”

OPETH are currently in the studio with Tom Dalgety putting the finishing touches on »Sorceress«. A release for the album is tentatively scheduled for the spring via Moderbolaget RecordsNuclear Blast Entertainment.

Alestorm talk bandana’s on cats and longevity ahead of Piratefest!

Alestorm – you guys have been at this a while now – when you’re writing do you feel restricted with what you can deliver considering your genre?

Absolutely not. We have enough material in our ridiculous brains to be able to write exactly 72.3 more albums. Have you ever heard a song about a future war between pirates and Mormons? I thought not…

Your last album Sunset on a Golden Age – is the title a hint at a swansong? Or is a new album already in the pipeline?

It’s actually worrying how many people think that. If I thought for a second that people would misinterpret the title so much then we probably would have gone with something completely different. But no, we’re not smart enough for cryptic messages. There’s a lot more albums after this!

How much Pirate study do you do – any Masters Degrees in Pirate history aboard?

None really. Wikipedia is great for some stuff, the rest is made up! Anyone doing a Masters degree in pirate history has no friends.

Bandana’s are an accepted part of the pirate wardrobe and plenty or rock/metal guys don them too – who wears theirs better – Vinnie Paul or Brett Michaels?

I love it when people put bandanas on their cats and dogs. Cracks me up every time.

Any truth to the rumour that your planning a concept album based on William Wallace’s little known naval division?

It must be little known, and we don’t even know of it. So it’s extremely unlikely. I preferred it back in the olden days when people spread rumours about band members eating live animals on stage or sleeping with thousands of women. What’s happened?

Pirates of the Caribbean movies – pish or on the money? What is the best pirate movie? 

Ah they aren’t bad. One of them was ludicrously boring though, possibly 2 or 3? Best pirate movie is Star Wars.

How many “Ales” constitute a storm?


Finally a quick fire five question I ask every interviewee.

1 – 1st record you heard that made you go “fuck I wanna do that!”

Was actually Acker Bilk’s Stranger on the Shore.. I’m not even kidding, I rocked the clarinet when I was younger.

2 – What’s your poison?

I go through phases. I like all booze really.. Currently drinking a bottle of Kasteel Rouge. It’s yummy.

3 – Worst/most disgusting habit of someone you’ve toured with?

Some think it’s a good idea to not wash for weeks on end, and some like to pump their way through 4 girls in one night. But I’m not mentioning any names.

4 – Strange fan request/fan interaction?

We recently got a serious email from a ‘professional mermaid’ asking if we wanted to do a photoshoot with her, complete with a photo of herself in complete mermaid mode paddling around in the Firth of Forth.

5 – If a kid asked you what metal was and you could only give him/her one record what would it be and why?

Probably ‘WASP – The Crimson Idol’ depends if he/she was a prick or not.


Scottish pirate metallers Alestorm are sailing back to these shores to deliver a bevvy of deranged sea shanties along with their Australian counterparts Lagerstein. The two groups will be plundering Wellington and Auckland for two dates in late November in an epic team-up dubbed Piratefest.
Piratefest with Alestorm and Lagerstein

Friday 20th November, Valhalla, Wellington
Saturday 21st November, Whammy Bar, Auckland


Tickets available from Under The Radar



Ulrich on the new Metallica album

lars-ulrichEarlier this week that Metallica announced they’d be issuing a cassette version of their 1982 demo No Life ‘Til Leather, and Lars Ulrich also got talking about the band’s next album.
“We are f–king in it,” Ulrich says “We’ve got lots of songs, and we’re honing them and tweaking them. It’s pretty close.”
Metallica have been working on the follow-up to 2008′s Death Magnetic for a while now, and Ulrich reveals they are making progress. He says they have written nearly 20 new songs and will likely begin pre-production soon, though they haven’t yet finalized who will produce the album.
“The creative elements are getting close to being done,” Ulrich says. “Just remember, this is still ‘Metallica time.’ When I say we’re close to being done, it means the next month or so. There’s a lot of stuff going on as life continues with family and personal events … But we are certainly down there [writing] pretty much every day.”
Ulrich says they are planning on trying some new things with this album: “In our world, there’s been a distinct difference between the creative phase and the recording phase. With this project, we’re trying to bridge the two a little more organically and not have there be such a great divide between the processes. We want to see if we can bring some of the creative curiosity, the impulsive stuff that happens when you’re first playing a song into the studio.”
Ulrich continues, “You want to tweak it and get it good, but you also want to record it in a way where it doesn’t feel laboured over and overthought,” he continues. “We’re trying to figure out where that line is.”
Metallica will be “Escaping from the Studio” as usual and Ulrich says he hopes the band will have some new material to play during upcoming shows.